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PCA demonstration example

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PCA application example on statistical process control

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Updated 24 Sep 2007

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This file is used to explain how PCA works and the idea behind the method. This example is given in the ISA book: New directions in Bioprocess Modeling and Control by Michael A. Boudreau and Gregory K. McMillan(Chapter 8, simple example). The process is composed of a valve a thermometer and a fermenter. The valve is used to control the flow rate of cooling water. The thermometer is used to measure the temperature of the fermenter. The steady state of the system is: valve=10% max. Temperature T=25 D.

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Undefined function 'ellipse' for input arguments of type 'double'.

please tell us how to solve this?

Shivani Rao

rafael pinheiro

very good... great work

mira sam

tigre vengala

muchas gracias gran ejemplo!!! felicitaciones!!

harith hamad

Yang Zhang


I tried to email you but my mail was returned...

About the PLS.m file, I did not specify ‘x’ and ‘y’ should be normalized because sometimes people want to do PLS analysis without normalization and furthermore, there are several methods to normalize the data matrix, I want to leave it open for the user.

About the PCAexample.m file, I said statistical toolbox is needed mainly because the finv function in line 70.

I forgot the ellipse.m function is needed which can be found in mathworks contributed code section. I updated the file description part to clarify.

If possible, you can reach me at:
Please give me response to improve them.



Scott Miller

Are you sure you need the statistics toolbox to run this? I haven't run the code on a version with the toolbox removed, but it looks to me like it should run in the base MATLAB system, and you could remove the restriction.



The file description part is updated.

finv function is used thus statistical toolbox is needed.

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