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Demodulating a BPSK using Costas Loop

version (156 KB) by Santosh Shah
Demodulating a BPSK using Costas Loop


Updated 08 Oct 2007

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Demodulating a BPSK using Costas Loop
Here I am submitting a mdl file to demonstrate a Demodulation of BPSK using Costas Loop.

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Moysis (view profile)

Has anybody tested this model with Matlab 7.12.0 (R2011a)? What is your latest version of Matlab that this model works properly?
I get the following error :
Error using ==> OpenAction at 158
The file does not contain a valid model in XML format

Bac VU

Bac VU (view profile)

Thanks for great sim - file.,
For some who cannot download file: Hold Ctrl key and click on the buttun download all.

sri karthik

iam not able to download this file

Kang Lee

i can't download the file

ye xia

ye xia (view profile)

The bit error rate is high?


Mukesh (view profile)

This model does not work with varying Carrier frequency. No carrier recovery possible.


liu (view profile)

very good

lu wei


Sreenivasulu Ozili

can any one give m code for this.
Thanking you

kabcd koubra

very good is most usefull but vco 2 is it shifted in phase or the same block that vco 1

ylt ylt

very good ,is most useful

Jim Field

Looks great.

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