Checks face/vertex list of closed triangulated objects to make sure all normals are outward facing.
Updated 11 Jul 2024

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Checks normals are outward facing and re-orders face if not.
Works with concave objects and with cavities. e.g. swiss cheese
Only works with triangular faces
Requirements: Function TriangleRayIntersection by Jarek Tuszynski
Input: faces, F (Nx3)
vertices, V (Nx3)
Output: corrected face list so all normals are outwards facing
list of any faces reordered
Assumptions: Normals are from clockwise orientation of faces. I.e. Right hand rule
Shape is closed and watertight.
No duplicate faces
Potential improvements: TriangleRayIntersection accepts multi-face, multi-ray input so should be able to speed up by removing the loop over the faces.

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Darrel Robertson (2024). CheckOutwardNormals (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Inspired by: Triangle/Ray Intersection

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