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Contour edition

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Edit an object contour using mouse interactions

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Updated 12 Nov 2007

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The function ctr_editContour allows to edit
- a point
- a square
- a rectangle
- a circle
- an ellipse
- a polygon
- a spline curve
on a given image using mouse interactions. This function is usefull
to edit an object contour. The output is a matrix Nx2 where N is
the number of sample points of the associated polygon. Moreover, the function
allows to modify an existing point (square, etc.) if the associated
polygon is an input parameter. Run script test.m to have an example.

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Comments and Ratings (2)

Nikolay, you are perfectly right. The user has to specify the point (polygon, spline) in consecutive order. This work was initially done to help me in my everyday researches since there were no adapted tools in matlab at that time.

Nikolay Chumerin

Nice program. Good programming style. Will be useful. All, except splines, works in MATLAB 7. Only one suggestion: user has to add polygon/spline points ALWAYS in consecutive order. It would be much better if your program could add a new keynode in between nearest keynodes.

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