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Overview Plot

version (3.37 KB) by Daniel Sternberg
Creates a plot with an overview axes in the figure.


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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%OVERVIEWPLOT creates a plot with an interactive overview axes.
% OVERVIEWPLOT(...) takes the same input arguments as the PLOT command
% and will create a new figure containing the plot and an inset
% displaying an overview of the plot. Pan and zoom operations on the main
% axes will result in a rectangle being drawn in the inset axes
% representing the section of the data currently shown in the main axes.
% Manipulating the rectangle has the same effect as panning the main
% axes.
% OVERVIEWPLOT(FIG,...) will put the main axes and inset axes into the
% figure represented by the handle FIG. Any callbacks active in the
% figure will be overwritten as will any data present in the figure.

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Daniel Sternberg (2021). Overview Plot (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (5)

Sayed Nour

file is not available for download !!

Tom Tom

very nice tool!

John D'Errico

This is a very nice idea. The help is good and readable.

It could be improved however. Suppose after you generate a plot, then after the fact want to use this tool? You can't do so, instead you must recreate your plot using this tool. A better approach would be to allow this to work:

h = plot(rand(10));

Also, these variants should work too:

h = plot(rand(10));


Finally, I note that rotate is disabled once you do the overviewPlot.

b q

Craig Manadie

Great idea, great job! Thanks.

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