Signal Processor for Graphs (Pictures) update 1

This GUI "Signal Processing tool" will help us to process signal from any picture file or user defin
Updated 20 Nov 2007

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This is update to “Signal Processor for Graphs (Pictures) “

Present tool has got following improvements over previous version.
1. Zero padding for elemination rounding off error.
2. Mean, Standard deviatio and variance calculations.
3. Adding a function (useful for digital signal processing).
4. Information button smart working.
5. Improved navigation. Make more user friendly environment.

Previous version’s Description:

This GUI Signal Processing tool will help us to process signal from any picture file.

This tool will help us to perform signal processing operations at very friendly GUI menu. The menu is self explanatory.

How to start

1. Extract Zip file to desired location

2. Open MATLAB

3. Open the Tool and press RUN

4. Say yes to change path of MATLAB

5. Finished

Following are the tools you can use in this GUI.

1. Add data from image files (‘.bmp’, ’.jpg’ etc which gives format of “time-axis x A-axis x 3”

2. Perform signal processing operations (listed below)

3. Can save plot back to image file.

4. Option is available to save the present work space for editing in MATLAB separately or to import again when u r required (This is helpful if you want to do long analysis and you have short time).

Following are Signal Processing Operations available.

1. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

2. Modulus (full wave rectifier)

3. Half wave rectifier (both positive and negative)

4. Shift in time (Right and left)

5. Shift in amplitude (Up and down)

6. Negative scale of time axis

7. Negative of amplitude

8. Square of magnitude

9. Square root of magnitude

10. Inverse of magnitude

11. Time Scaling

12. Amplitude Scaling

13. Differentiation

14. Integration (initial conditions are considered as starting value of signal)

15. Autocorrelation

16. Cross correlation

17. Convolution

18. DFT and IDFT

DO I need to read further???

No. Reading further is not required if you understand the concept already. Below is simple introduction to Programme.

Simple Introduction

1. Input list box where we can do file exchange and data exchange to create data for input (however three sample signals are always available).

2. Proper ranges and scales of X-axis and Y-axis is required for importing image.

3. There is option available for plotting in different variety of scales (i.e. “X and Y Linear”, “X Logarithmic Y Linear”, “X Linear Y Logarithmic” and “X and Y Logarithmic”)

4. Rename will change the name of the variable selected in Input list box.

5. “==>” will allow to carry input list box variables to active variables inputs (i.e. “A” and “B”)

6. “To Input Area” will transfer selected variable in output list box to input list box (“C” is output variable).

I am a programmer and I want to add more buttons for my own processing. How to start for that???

Code is written such a way that it is simply modified and understood. In case if you find difficulty at any part contact me at ””.

I found a Bug in output. What Shall I do???

1. Check input given for the process. Most bugs are caused due to incorrect input (Example you may try giving “0” as input to minimum value for X-axis while you are importing picture with “inverse logarithmic” scale for X-axis). I have tried to automatically reject the input at many places, but the chance still exists for incorrect input.

2. If the problem continues Restart MATLAB .

3. If it is not solved after restarting MATLAB, inform me with that. I will be thankful to you if you do corrections in code and give back to me.

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Suresh Kumar Gadi (2024). Signal Processor for Graphs (Pictures) update 1 (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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