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Stationnary/Propagative components decomposition of a Longitude/Time signal with Fourier harmonics


Updated 03 Dec 2007

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Split the signal S(SPACE,TIME) into its downward/upward space
propagating and stationnary components via a 2D Fourier decomposition.
S is a (SPACE,TIME) matrix. We eventually proceed to a space and/or
time filtering. DT,DX are temporal and space step. PERIOD=[Tmin Tmax]
and WAVELENGTH=[Xmin Xmax] are time and space band-pass filters

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Guillaume MAZE (2020). WSEdecomp (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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ricky C

I specify S(SPACE TIME) matrix, I get the following error. How should my input S look like?

>> WSEdecomp
??? Input argument "S" is undefined.

Error in ==> WSEdecomp at 78

hyoseok park

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