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CRC control simulation

version (2.24 KB) by Suayb Arslan
This simulation is intended to decide whether or not a given GP accomplishes the targeted task.


Updated 15 Apr 2008

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The following program is written to simulate a randomly generated message under BSC(p) channel. It examines whether or not the generator polynomial is strong enough to be used at a given packet size and crossover probability p. Error patterns are rondom.

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many thanks for you program, but I need to ask you a little question... How can I correct the message after the error detection????

Jeffrey malbeck

lucid and great work!

Jos x@y.z

This script ruins your workspace using "clear all" and "close all" ...

No usefull help or comments at all.


Typos corrected, and comments are added.

There was a small typo.

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