Fresnel integral

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Computes the Fresnel integral with complex argument "z"
Updated 14 Dec 2007

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This function computes the Fresnel integral "FresnelI(z)" with argument "z" either real or complex, and where FresnelI(z) = FresnelC(z) + i*FresnelS(z).

USAGE: [FresnelI] = FresnelI(z, tol)

z = complex argument of Fresnel integral (vector).
tol = absolute tolerance to evaluate the integral using "quadl"(scalar). default=1.0e-4

[1] A. Erdelyi, Higher Transcendental Functions, Vol.2, McGraw-Hill (1953)
[2] M. Abramowitz and I.A. Stegun, Handbook of Mathematical Functions, New York, Dover Publications (1965)

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Inspired: FresnelS and FresnelC

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