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Pilot Directed Continuous Synchronization of OFDM

version (282 KB) by Dick Benson
Model of a generic OFDM system with closed loop control of carrier and timing recovery.


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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This model implements a generic OFDM TX and RX, which is not tied to any particular industry standard. The objective of this model is to develop and explore a continuous (not “bursty”) carrier and timing tracking synchronization scheme. The techniques incorporated can then be extended and modified to suite specific communications standards. The model uses an “acquisition” technique that exploits the correlation properties of the cyclic prefix to get a rough estimate of the frame boundary before attempting to accomplish the fine tracking algorithms. The model implements a 64 carrier OFDM waveform with a 16 point cyclic prefix. The OFDM symbol has 16 pilots, 3 guard tones (0 amplitude at band edge) and uses 4 QAM for the 45 remaining data streams.
This latest model includes a fading channel, BER computation, and improved control loop dynamics.

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Dick Benson (2021). Pilot Directed Continuous Synchronization of OFDM (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Xin Wang

Kamal El-Sankary




How can I develop this model for other OFDM systems like DVB-T?


Uferah Maqbool

Please Sir can u Provide a file that is compatible with the earlier version of matlab-simulink as some blocks are unrecognisable by the software

Version R2011b (
email :

Marc Denis

An excellent model to teach OFDM.
I am puzzled, however, about "Homer's Rule" ???? I can't find a reference for this. Can you point to some reference material for Homer's Rule?

Marc Denis

Binjal SHAH

Can anyone tell me which parameter or block I have to change for its BER Calculation? my mail id is




Can any one provide information regarding operation of linear fit in phase calculation with respect to simulink blocks


hello ,
can anyone provide me a full report or explanation text on this model


hello ,
can anyone provide me a full report or explanation text on this model


hello ,
can anyone provide me a full report or explanation text on this model


Very helpful for beginners . Thanks a lot for uploading .

SAMEER fghgf

Wonderful work!

Does this use pll?

Is pll required in burst ofdm also?

Saravanan Mani

Hello Shakshi Rana,

I will check my place and I will let you know.

Saravanan Mani,
Lear Corpration.

Shakshi rana

Hello sir!
I am working on this topic for past few months but was having a problem with the code. I find these files to be very helpful for my thesis.But these files are not opening in my MATLAB Software. there is an error named:
Error in ==> open at 141

My MATLAB Version is:
MATLAB Version: (R14) Service Pack 1
MATLAB License: 216319
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP
Window System: Version 5.1 (Build 2600: Service Pack 3)
Processor ID: x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13, GenuineIntel
Virtual Machine: Java 1.4.2_04 with Sun

Kindly help me out, is this a software problem or problem in the code???
Please reply me asap on

I will be very thankful to you.
Shakshi Rana
Student-Electronics Engineering


I have coded channel sychronization in OFDM channels in MATLAB using Schmidl Cox algorithm....Can you suggest me how to omplement the same in Simulink?


I loved it and was in pursuit of it...

xiao xiao

I need it very much~But why I can't open it?

Baher Mohammed

great job !

Saravanan Mani

Very Nice...I read your thesis... weldon .. very superr...

Visakh A

Wonderful... just what a beginner like me needed... Thanks a lot

Tang Shuiyi

wu zhi

It is very good to me to study OFDM!


haha,i am the beginner

Pedro Lobo

yang lin

I can not open it .why?
due to the presence of characters that are not supported in the current
character encoding setting 'GBK'

yang lin

MATLAB 7.5 (R2007b) ,I do not have this Version, where can I have the License

Di Wu

It is very useful for beginners.

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Inspired by: Carrier & Symbol Timing Recovery for N QAM

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