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Read binary Rigol waveforms

version (3.09 KB) by Paul Wagenaars
Read binary waveform (.wfm) files stored by Rigol oscilloscopes


Updated 28 Mar 2009

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This function will read binary waveforms (.wfm files) that were stored by Rigol oscilloscopes.

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Paul Wagenaars (2020). Read binary Rigol waveforms (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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FWIW - only works with ch1 and ch2 traces. Don't plot, nor examine any of the logic analyzer data (for the '1102D instrument). For the scope channels, work great.

Good foundation for extending analysis.

Chen Song

Thank you so much for sharing! It works well for me! One thing I'm wondering about is that is there a corresponding write code that can write the data back into wfm?

This does not work on .wfm files produced by my Rigol 1104B. Does anyone know the file format for the 1104?

H Paul,

many thanks for distributing this very well programmed Rigol waveform reader.
This works like a charm.

Maybe a small example file like the lines below would enable inexperienced users to extract the full functionality of your great work quicker:

%% PlotRigolWaveform
clear all; clc;
% reads wfm file
[y, nfo] = readRigolWaveform('b.wfm');
% Creates an time array based on the details in "nfo"
% plots all available traces along TIME axis

Feel free to recycle that if you wish.
Many thanks,


Works great. Thanks.


Fixed crash when readRigolWaveform was called without any output arguments.

Fixed the help comments section in the beginning of the file.

- Fixed a few bugs
- WARNING: interface of function has been changed

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