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MAKECONTENTS(STRING) creates a standard "Contents.m"file in the current directory


Updated 7 Jul 2003

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Editor's Note: This functionality is now available in MATLAB. Please refer to the CONTENTSRPT.M function.

MAKECONTENTS(STRING) creates a standard 'Contents.m' file in the current directory by assembling the first comment (H1) line in each function found in the current working directory. If a 'Contents.m' file exists, it is renamed to 'Contents.old', before a new 'Contents.m' file is created. STRING is inserted as the first line of the 'Contents.m' file; if omitted, a blank line is inserted instead. The function changes permission on the resultant 'Contents.m' file to rw-r--r-- on Unix systems.

The MakeContents.m function is based on the mkcontnt.m function by Denis Gilbert. However, the present MakeContents.m function is fully compatible with the helpwin navigation function in Matlab.

This function was tested under Matlab Version (R11.1) on PCWIN and on UNIX platforms.

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Created with R11.1
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Inspired by: mkcontnt

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Version Published Release Notes

Modification provided by Matthew Brett, to accomodate making Contents.m recursively in sub-directories. Additional input arguments allow for variations on the format of the Contents.m.