Smith Chart Plot

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Plots a smith chart, and optionally draws reflection coefficient and line of intersection with R=1.


Updated 1 Apr 2016

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(1) plotsmithchart.m


(1) plotsmithchart(Zl,Zo)
Where Zl is the Load Impedence (possibly complex) and Zo is the Characteristic Line Impedence. Plots a smith chart, along with the reflection coefficient circle and the line of intersection with resistive component equal to 1.

(2) plotsmithchart
Without any parameters draws a blank smith chart. Wavelengths toward the generator are labeled around the perimeter.

Example calls:

(1) plotsmithchart(25,50)
Draws a smithchart,calculates and plots the reflection coefficient for a characteristic impedence of 50 ohms and a load impedence of 25 ohms.

(2) plotsmithchart(50+50j,75)
Same as (1) with a load impedence of 50+50j ohms.

(3) plotsmithchart
Plots a blank Smith Chart.

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Inspired: Smith Chart Utility

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