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Smith Chart Plot

version (15.7 KB) by Victor Aprea
Plots a smith chart, and optionally draws reflection coefficient and line of intersection with R=1.


Updated 01 Apr 2016

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(1) plotsmithchart.m


(1) plotsmithchart(Zl,Zo)
Where Zl is the Load Impedence (possibly complex) and Zo is the Characteristic Line Impedence. Plots a smith chart, along with the reflection coefficient circle and the line of intersection with resistive component equal to 1.

(2) plotsmithchart
Without any parameters draws a blank smith chart. Wavelengths toward the generator are labeled around the perimeter.

Example calls:

(1) plotsmithchart(25,50)
Draws a smithchart,calculates and plots the reflection coefficient for a characteristic impedence of 50 ohms and a load impedence of 25 ohms.

(2) plotsmithchart(50+50j,75)
Same as (1) with a load impedence of 50+50j ohms.

(3) plotsmithchart
Plots a blank Smith Chart.

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Victor Aprea (2021). Smith Chart Plot (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (49)

Markus Jonathan

apu palit

example calls aren't included, I need it

amran hossain

John BG

the best Smith Chart tool I have seen around so far belongs to Herr Dellberger, has a demo free version:

Ferdi Kurnia

Nasim Abdollahi

Saurabh Kataria

Thanks for the file. It would be more helpful if it can support more functions.



If it just plot the standard Smith chart without any input or output required will be even better.


Thanks very much!!
Can I read the exact value from this plot,for instance, Gama, SWR or angle


VEry nice.
The colors make the reading a bit harder. But the rest is cool.

Zane Montgomery

If I may give a suggestion, appending


to all of your non-data plot commands will make them unselectable

Les French

Fournier Matthieu

kalai vannan

Prakash N

robert chow

Nick C


hassan rekabi

toto fuentes

thank you very much

Someone who was really in need of this code


yanu tika

it's helpfull

tran thanh truc

Should do more things than just plotting it, for example,u can compute the conditional stable for each [S] maxtrix of 4-port network.

shahram karimi

it's very useful if you work on transmission line

Georgios Giannakopoulos

I would like to know how how to plot the frequency responce in the smith chart as appears on the most softwares. Thank you very much.

lalji katariya

give more examples of smithchart simulation in MATLAB

s s

zhi yang

Example calls
are not in file-m ?
I need it,
please help me

jing wen



chan see


Lu Yong

It's really very good.

Maraach Bassem

qaisar qadeer

still needs improvement though but its good help for every1 and big time effort too especially in MATLAb ....keep up the good work ....

etsg wetg

Giulio Vitale

yogeshwar Ranga

nobitakung nobiakung

takis soteropoulos

Risha Devi

got some informations about plotting smith chart

Antonio Arce

Great program to verify hand-drawn SWR circles and determining the reflection coefficient.

Manoj P

program for basics and understanding, thanks

Sakari Tainlahti

Good performance Thank!

Franklin Yusti


Tom Smithie

This program is good for only ONE value.
If you want to see how a system looks like in a range of frequency (e.g., an inductor from 1MHZ to 500MHZ), this is not your choice.

mohamad Reza Azadi

Bill Chang

parviz mouzafari

Lina Chang

Asside from being capable of plotting impedances and calculating reflection coefficients, it also spews out a very nice Smith chart.

Desmond Lee

Nice program. No more messy Smith Chart needed anymore.

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Compatible with any release
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Inspired: Smith Chart Utility

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