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Power flow software in rectangular coordinates

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The software solves the power flow problem in rectangular coordinates



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This software solves the powerflow in rectangular coordinates.This is applied to distribution as well as transmission systems.

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thank you very match

Mohamed Ali

Dear sir, Are you have the model design of optimal capacitor location using Intelligent technique for 34 bus or 123 bus systems!
help as you can!

mohamed samy

thnks alot

Meisam mrd

thank you

dodo ayar



mourad (view profile)

How to insert a photovoltaic source and estimat its impact in the distribution network ?

I try to have the 3phase short circuit data on all of 30 buses to have critical clearing time with equal area criterion or Lyapanuv energy function to coordinate and TSM of overcurrent relays..


I try to change the value of standard 9900 in the program but it has no effect.
I want to see the behaviour of line loading .

How can i change the line limits for the branches?

Mirko Trajkov

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