SMARTINDENT customizes the indentation of m files.
Updated 24 Jul 2002

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SMARTINDENT is a tool to customize the indentation of your m files without going manually through the whole process.

SMARTINDENT fully mimics the behaviour of the MATLAB editor's smartindent command:

- it allows you to choose the number of spaces/tabs used for the indentation;

- it can handle nested and partially nested flow control commands.

SMARTINDENT does overwrite the files you want it
to process, therefore:

- when invoked from the command line, SMARTINDENT warn the users to back up first their files;

- when invoked from within another function or script, no warnings are issued, thus allowing for off-line multiple calls.

To process all files under a given folder(s), call SMARTINDENT with FUF,
e.g., to process all m files under folders ...\Documents and ...\MyFcns, type


You can download FUF from the Matlab File Exchange under the category DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT: the submission name is "Files Under Folders".

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Francesco di Pierro (2024). SMARTINDENT (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Created with R12
Compatible with any release
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Inspired by: Files Under Folders (fuf)

Inspired: SIGNFILE

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