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version (25.9 KB) by Mihai Moldovan
The function warps the WIN32 ShowWindow API in User32.dll.


Updated 24 Jul 2002

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When using MATLAB on windows platforms one could write MEX files to access the WIN32 API functions. However such a tutorial is difficult to find.

I decided to post an example with a commented C-MEX file that will demonstrate how to accurately find the windows handle of a MATLAB figure window and then do some API command on it.

For simplicity I selected the 'ShowWindow' API because it can be used to solve the 'common' figure maximization problem. (maximizefigure.m sample included)

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Mihai Moldovan (2020). api_showwindow (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (7)

Thanks for your kindly work! While it may not be used in Matlab ver > 7!!!

Nitesh Bhandari

Great, I wanted this for over a year, and it was hard to come to. This makes Matlab even more and more intersting to me

Alex V

Thanks for this code. Very helpful.

Yuval Cohen

Excellent piece of code. Much better than my poor attempts to resizes the figure according to the screen size property ( i.e. "get(0,'ScreenSize')" ).

Jocke K

Excellent! Easy to use.


Great! Really useful just for the maximize window fix. I bet there's some other cool stuff you could do with this wrapper too.


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Inspired: maxfig, WindowAPI