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2D Gabor Wavelets

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Create and show 2D Gabor Wavelets


Updated 15 Jul 2008

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Function in GaborWavelet.m create a Gabor Wavelet kernel.

GaborExample.m show the Gabor wabeletskernel at five different scales and eight different oritations.

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Please specify the work referred here so that it is easy to understand. Thanks.

irfana bibi

Uecef Tel


How can I calculate the spatial frequency (Pixels/Cycle) in your code?
Thank you


I found the answer of my previous question:

"The second term compensates for the dc-value of the kernel, to avoid unwanted dependence of the filter response on the absolute intensity of the image."
From "Distortion Invariant Object Recognition in the Dynamic Link Architecture"

Thanks for this submission.

I have a question about the equation used: why did you subtract 'exp ( -0.5 * Delt2 )' to the modulation component? I have never seen it before.


I have a problem about commenting gabor results.I want to classify the images into 4 groups.Firstly,I used GLCM method for extraction image texture.And then I gave it ANN,k-NN and SVM.Instead of GLCM,I want to use Gabor Wavelet results.When I applied the code an image I found 64*64 GT matrice for each image.So,could you let me know how I can give these result into classifier input?


rbg Gupta

i used on some images it's running end lessly please help me

Thien Tran

thank so much. It is very helpful to me!

PUST rahman

Very nice ! It works fine.
I have a question:
If I want to apply for Uh=.4, Ul=.04 for 64 by 64 mask size, then how can I modify the code? Moreover which paper/journal has been followed when implementing this, please mention also.

Thanks in advance.

It's simple, and it works.

i think it is very good!

John D'Errico

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