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Homomorphic filtering

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Homomorphic filtering for beginners



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MATLAB code for beginners that performs Homomorphic filtering, Using Butterworth High Pass Filter for performing filtering.

Copy the files in your work space
Type "ho_filter" to see the results

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Ondrej Licko

@minutiae can you correct the code?


Two errors in the algorithm:
1. fftshift was not used to center the DFT of image
2. zero padding was not performed.


Eleni (view profile)

what d stands for in this function? I guess r is the rows , c is the columns and n is the order. How does n affect the final output? Can you be more descriptive for beginners?


mahnaz (view profile)

??? Error using ==> times
Matrix dimensions must agree.

Error in ==> homofil at 22

Error in ==> testhomo at 11

Please tell me what shoul i do?

I tried your algorithm but i am getting no output,just white image.can u help me?

babak eh

Rafael Cabeza

You use log2 instead of log. Please correct this.

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