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Continuous Sound and Vibration Analysis

version (1.5 MB) by Edward Zechmann
This program analyzes sound and vibrations data using metrics for continuous noise and vibrations.


Updated 04 Dec 2013

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The main program is Main_sound_and_vibs.m. Several metrics are for each of sound, hand arm vibrations, whole body vibrations, and motion sickness. Main_sound_and_vibs calls the primary dependent function
"Continuous_Sound_and_Vibrations_Analysis" which contains the switch statement controlling the data flow.

This program calculates metrics for continuous sound and vibrations. Sound metrics include: peaks, Leq, LeqA, LeqC, kurtosis, third octave band peaks and levels, and more.

Vibration metrics for hand-arm include: arms, armq, Dy, peak, crest factor, kurtosis, third octave band levels and peaks, and more.

Vibration metrics for whole-body include: arms, armq, VDV, MSDV, crest factor, kurtosis, third octave band levels and peaks, and more.

The vibration metrics except for the third octave bands are calculated using both the weighted and unweighted filters.

This program prompts the user for all of the inputs to the Continuous_Sound_and_Vibrations_Analysis.m program.

The user selects either matlab or wav files to analyze for sound and vibrations. There are a series of prompts for output filenames, formating of output images of the figures, and the Name of the device under test (Tool Name).

Comments and Ratings (10)

Kim Jie

Xinfu XU

it would be perfect, if there is a document, describing how to use these files

Arul Thm

Arul Thm

Arul Thm

Andrew P

A welcome and powerful tool. Using MATLAB 7.12 but having problems with concatenating arrays

metrics_buf =

line 1401 in Continuous_Sound_and_Vibrations_Analysis.m

Looking forward to performing interesting analyses!

Mac Rodge

Hi Edward,
I am working on suspension system.
Can I use this program for VDV calculations of quarter car suspension system?


Seems to do the job. Good effort.

Estoy empezando a investigar sobre el analisis de vibraciones en maquinas rotativas, me interesa las cosas que haces, voy a analizar tus programas y si puedes apoyarme en algo, ahi te comento, gracias

Seeker Tang

good job!


This update should fix a bug that caused the previous version to crash in some cases.

Added an option for a Fourier third octave band filter.

Fixed a bug in the calculation of VDV. Thanks to Longqi Wang for finding the bug.

Fixed bugs in outputting vibrations metrics.

Fixed abug in the selection of the posture type. This affects posture types 2-8 including the filter coefficients.

Fixed a bug in calculating VDV for whole body vibrations.

Fixed a bug in loading wave files.

Fixed a bug in the running average.

Added Comments and modified the subprogram find_nums. Fixed a bug with reporting the scaling factors for whole body vibration. Fixed bug where values of the mtrics were not reported to the metrics field.

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2010b
Compatible with any release
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