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Renders a 2-D image in 3-D space using a texture mapped rectangle, with several examples of uses.


Updated 26 Oct 2008

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Using image3 the user can display an image with arbitrary position and orientation in Matlabs 3-D space. It is fast, exact and mimic the well known image and imagesc commands.

The package also includes:

imagesc3, a scaled version of image3
slice3, display slices fast from 3-D volume data
box3, display a box from 3-D volume data
scatterim2, make a 2-D scatter plot using images

I originally created this code to make slices of medical MRI data, to be able to rotate and change them really fast. Since then I have found many uses of them, since image and imagesc are strange and pcolor and surf are usually too slow without modification. I also prefer to control exactly what is plotted and where, without the extra intelligence from Matlab that switches the x- and y-axis from time to time.

Remark: A lot of the code is pixel/voxel centered, instead of vertex centered. And all indices are assumed to start at 1. If you are clever enough to be annoyed by that, I am sure you know also how to add the extra magic to the transformation matrices to make them work the way you want it. A hint is to have a look at the box3.m code.

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Thanks for your generosity to share this useful tool


This is my shortest comment I've ever posted in the FEX: *****


Wow, what a wonderful tool for image manipulation!


updated screenshot to make Myaa more justice... :-)

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