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A very simple and intuitive neural network implementation

version (9.02 KB) by Carl Löndahl
Short code and easy to understand. Example data set provided.


Updated 05 Nov 2008

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Short code and easy to understand. Example data set provided.

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JIm Li

JIm Li (view profile)

It needs more information to be clear

Tania Pereira


E (view profile)


abcdef (view profile)

Hi. Do you think you can help me with a Neural Network approach on Generalized Singular Value Decomposition? Thanks

deepak singh

thanks that was helpful

Danish Kaleem

dao tung

dao tung


This code on may be of helpful:


Eve (view profile)

Adam Walsh

Tin Phan

Could you explain to me how n and the function f is chosen? And also the bias too?
Any reference would be much appreciated!

It seems that your code does not account account for the bias. In a book I read they say you should include an input variable which is clamped to 1. Can you please clarify on that? Thank you very much

Steve Johnson

José Araujo


Jacek (view profile)

Can you please give a short description of this problem being solved and meaning of this example data? So we could understand what is the input, what is the output, what are the values od "y" being calculated...? And most importantly, what is the topology, and how propagation works.


Omer (view profile)

instead of rms error. How can I optimize this error:
( fp/(fp+tn) ) + ( fn/(fn+tp) );

sorry i don't have any access to this file,could you pl help me in this way?






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