plots data with x and/or y error bars and supports logarithmic scaling for both axes.
Updated 14 Feb 2009

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ploterr is a universal tool for plotting data with error bars. The following features are supported:

- linear/logarithmic scaling
- x and/or y error bars
- relative/absolute errors
- width of bar handles adjustable

Basically it unifies the features of errorbarxy, errorbarloglog, errorbar_x and errorbar in one single program.

For a detailed description and examples see the documentation in the file.

The technique for plotting the error bars is adapted from MATLAB's v6 errorbar, which is also used by Goetz Huesken's errorbar_x. With this technique the x error bars as well as the y error bars are one big line object, in contrast to errorbarloglog where each single error bar consists of three separate lines. That prevents an overflow of the legend with lots of separate line objects and makes it a lot easier to change the line style of the error bars.

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Felix Zoergiebel (2024). ploterr (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2007a
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux
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Inspired by: errorbar_x

Inspired: errbar, errorbarxy, superbar

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Version Published Release Notes

Added properties hhabsx, hhabsy and hhabsxy: Set the handle size to an absolute value rather than a fraction of the mean distance of the datapoints.

Bugfix. It is now possible to use no options.

Changed the user interface. Handle sizes and logarithmic scaling can now be set via properties. Passing LineSpec is not compulsory anymore when manually setting logscale or handle sizes.