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Minimum distance between two polygons

version (9.73 KB) by Guillaume JACQUENOT
This function computes the minimum euclidean distance between two polygons P1 & P2.


Updated 16 Dec 2008

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This function computes the minimum euclidean distance between two
polygons P1 & P2.

min_d = min_dist_between_two_polygons(P1,P2,Display_solution);

This function takes two arguments, a third one is optional.
P1 & P2 contain the geometry of polygons.
P1 & P2 are structures containing two fields: x & y
For example:
P1.x = rand(1,5)+2;
P1.y = rand(1,5);
P2.x = rand(1,3);
P2.y = rand(1,3);
Display_solution is a binary variable that enables or not the
plot of the solution.

The function starts by checking if polygons are intersecting.
In this case, the minimum distance is 0.
Otherwise, distances between all vertices and edges of the two
polygons are computed. The function returns the minimum distance found.
Further details of the implementation can be found in the code.

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Comments and Ratings (6)

xinglong fang

great function!


This can be done in o(logm + logN) time, yours is done in n*m, the slowest possible calculation



I found your function great, especially for object analysis in binary images. Can I as you only about how to extract the points(x,y) belong to both polygons that make the min distance


moshe lindner

great function!


Diego Barragán

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R14
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

Inspired by: Curve Intersect 2

Inspired: Minimum distance between two polygons

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