Convert a vector/array/matrix of values into a comma-separated string

Converts input of unknown size/type into compact single-line string suitable for log files & uitable
Updated 9 Feb 2009

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Vec2str converts an input of unknown size/type into a compact single-line comma-delimited string which is suitable for log files and uitable cells. Accepts any dimension & combination of numbers, logicals, cells, Java/COM handles etc.

[str, errMsg] = vec2str(vec, format, numericFlag, encloseFlag)

- vec - vector/array/matrix of values (mandatory)
- format - optional format/precision argument accepted by the num2str() function
- numericFlag - optional flag indicating whether to keep scalar (non-vectors) numeric value as-is (default = 0 or false)
- encloseFlag - optional flag indicating whether to enclose numeric vectors with [], cells with {} (default = 1 or true)

- str - string representation of vec (or numeric value if numericFlag was requested)
- errMsg - contains a non-empty string if an error occured during processing

vec2str('abcd') => 'abcd' (string input always returns as-is)
vec2str(pi) => '3.1416'
vec2str(pi,'=> %f <=') => '=> 3.141593 <=' (see SPRINTF for format explanation)
vec2str(pi,8) => '3.1415927' (8 significant digits)
vec2str(pi,8,0) => '3.1415927' (default numericFlag=0 so same result as above)
vec2str(pi,8,1) => 3.14159265358979 (keeps numeric type, overrides format request)
vec2str(pi,[],[],1) => '3.1416' (scalar values are NEVER enclosed with [])
vec2str(magic(3)) => '[8,1,6; 3,5,7; 4,9,2]'
vec2str(magic(3) > 4) => '[true,false,true; false,true,true; false,true,false]'
vec2str(1:4) => '[1,2,3,4]'
vec2str(1:4,[],[],1) => '[1,2,3,4]' (default encloseFlag=1 so same result as above)
vec2str(1:4,[],[],0) => '1,2,3,4'
vec2str({3,2:4,'ryt',NaN, -inf,sqrt(-i),{2,1},java.lang.String('ert')})
=> '{3,[1x3 double],'ryt',NaN,-Inf,[0.707106781186548-0.707106781186548i],{1x2 cell},[1x1 java.lang.String]}'
vec2str({3,2:4,'ryt',NaN, -inf,sqrt(-i),{2,1},java.lang.String('ert')},3,'',0)
=> ' '3','2 3 4','ryt','NaN','-Inf','0.707-0.707i',{1x2 cell},[1x1 java.lang.String]'

See also: num2str, int2str, sprintf

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