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A function to plot implicit functions of two variables.

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Updated 20 May 2009

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IMPLOT2 may be used to plot implicit functions of exactly two variables.

It uses a similar approach to IMPLOT (by Arthur Jutan), but extends the capabilities of IMPLOT to allow the specification of one or more lineseries properties: e.g. line width, line color, line style etc. It can also return a matrix containing all plotted datapoints, with contiguous line segments clearly demarcated.

Note that IMPLOT2 obtains isocontours for f(x,y)=0 via a fairly crude approach, viz. using the low-level CONTOURC function. Thus it is not ideal for applications where high levels of accuracy are required.

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Vinesh Rajpaul (2021). implot2.m (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Kanishk Bhatia

How to extract the datapoints from the matrix?? Sorry I'm a noob. Please help!


Really a very good job. It helped me a lot, furthermore with the new application returning a matrix with all the datapoints. The only problem I can find is that of giving just 229 datapoints pairs but sometimes it's enough to get enough information of the curve. Very useful!

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Created with R14
Compatible with any release
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Inspired by: implot.m

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