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Good MATLAB Programming Practices

version (75.6 KB) by Michael Robbins
For the non-programmer.


Updated 08 Jan 2003

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Editor's Note: This file was selected as MATLAB Central Pick of the Week

Some basic guidelines for good style gathered from CSSM and later compiled with my own preferences, possibly leaving out valid points. For the full thread, unedited, see CSSM.

In PDF format, e-mail me for ghostscript.

Four pages plus summary sheet.

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Michael Robbins (2021). Good MATLAB Programming Practices (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (20)

Kelly Carter

The first of the two documents has an embedded font that can't be opened by my installation of Adobe. So, the document has missing characters throughout the text, and is unusable. Maybe it's too old of a document to matter any more.

Owen Jones

I had the font problem as well, though Chrome could open it. I noticed the number is wrong in gmpp[2].pdf. "2.3" appears twice. Also, "2.2" isn't formatted correctly.

Rainer Schmitt

shaodong SONG

to Stefan: I think you can use GSView to open it.


If I could, I would delete my old rating. Because in gnmp2 is same content, just other font.
After some hours, I was able to identify, that the few letters I have seen in gnmp1 should be same like in gmp2.


Sorry, I cannot open this document correctly, because the included font "OLNBAN+cmr17" could not be found.

Do you have another version without this problem or a hint how to solve? Google didn't find anyfont with this name.

Please update it here, if there is a new version. Thanks.

Vishnuvenkatesh Dhage

basic guidelines express in a lucide manner

James Jun

daza erbaa

Jano snm

jesen wang

I need the file in pdf.can you send it to me???

Jolayemi Bukola

Please, I want to good in programming section and I don't know how to do that?

Nazabat Hussain Awan

Kerby Chan


xu wei

I am interesting in MATLAB. I want to learn it.

duong mai thanh duong mai thanh

kannan krishnaswamy

Shuangwei Hu

Very useful especially for new-learners like me!Good advices for the non-programmer.

Badr Hamad

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