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Leveldiagrams for multiobjective decision making

version (395 KB) by Xavier Blasco
A tool to draw Leveldiagrams for Pareto Set/Front, allowingsome basics graphics manipulations.


Updated 21 Jul 2017

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NEW!! Complete rebuilt of the interactive tool for Level diagrams at:

This toolbox draws Leveldiagrams for Pareto Set and its associated Front, and allows some basics graphics manipulations (coloring plot according preferences, axis manipulation and point selections) to help in decision making. Details about Leveldiagrams and some examples supplied in this toolbox are described in:
[1] X. Blasco, J.M. Herrero, J. Sanchis, M. Martínez. A new graphical visualization of n-dimensional Pareto front for decision-making in multiobjective optimization. Information Sciences 178 (2008) 3908–3924. doi:10.1016/j.ins.2008.06.010
Short video with example usage:
For advance features comparing Pareto Fronts:

Level diagram have been used in:

[2] E. Zio, R. Bazzo. Multiobjective optimization of the inspection intervals of a nuclear safety system: A clustering-based framework for reducing the Pareto Front. Annals of Nuclear Energy 37 (2010) 798–812. doi:10.1016/j.anucene.2010.02.020

[3] E. Zio, R. Bazzo. A clustering procedure for reducing the number of representative solutions in the Pareto Front of multiobjective optimization problems. European Journal of Operational Research
Volume 210, Issue 3, 1 May 2011, pages 624-634.

[4] E. Zio, R. Bazzo. Level Diagrams analysis of Pareto Front for multiobjective system redundancy allocation. Reliability Engineering and System Safety, volume 96 (2011), pages 569–580. doi:10.1016/j.ress.2010.12.016

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[6] A.T.D. Perera, R.A. Attalage, K.K.C.K. Perera, V.P.C. Dassanayake. A hybrid tool to combine multi-objective optimization and multi-criterion decision making in designing standalone hybrid energy systems. Applied Energy, Vol 107 (2013), pages 412–425.

[7] S. Pourzeynali, S. Salimi, H. Eimani Kalesar. Robust multi-objective optimization design of TMD control device to reduce tall building responses against earthquake excitations using genetic algorithms. Scientia Iranica Transaction A. (2013).

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[10] An automated approach towards detecting complex behaviours in deep brain oscillations
Mace, M; Yousif, N; Naushahi, M; Abdullah-Al-Mamun, K; Wang, SY; Nandi, D; Vaidyanathan, R

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Thank you a lot. it is very helpful

Xavier Blasco

The required inputs for our toolbox are a Pareto Set and a Pareto front; you will need to define two different matrix, with:

1) As many columns as dimensions (decision variables / design objectives)
2) As many rows as different solutions.

Please, do not hesitate to make any further questions.


Dear Xavier,
I am quite new to the concept but the thing that made me to work on your file is looking for a Decision Making way of Pareto results.My question is in regard with Objectives and variables.Do we need to define Objectives and design variables for this program or the only required input of this program is results produced in my optimization?

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