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Draw 2D or 3D color streamlines.


Updated 8 May 2009

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STREAMCOLOR(X,Y,U,V,STARTX,STARTY,VMAG) or STREAMCOLOR(X,Y,Z,U,V,W,STARTX,STARTY,STARTZ,VMAG) creates streamlines from 2D or 3D vector data U,V,W. The arrays X,Y,Z define the coordinates for U,V,W and must be monotonic and 3D plaid (as if produced by MESHGRID). STARTX, STARTY, and STARTZ define the starting positions of the stream lines. The handles is NOT returned due to color coding information. Vmag is a matrix of values defines at X,Y,Z. It can be the velocity magnitude or any other variable (vorticity, tke, salinity etc...)

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