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version (2.94 KB) by M. A. Hopcroft
FIXFIG modifies a Matlab figure so it can be used in on-screen presentations such as Powerpoint.


Updated 07 Aug 2020

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The default settings for Matlab figures (plots) use small fonts and thin lines. This is fine for quickly evaluating data, but these figures are unreadable when used in an on-screen presentation such as a Powerpoint. FIXFIG takes an existing Matlab figure and increases the font sizes, thickens the lines, increases marker sizes, sets the background to white, etc., so that the figure can be used in an on-screen presentation.

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M. A. Hopcroft (2021). fixfig (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Felipe G. Nievinski

near line 101, where it is:
ax = findobj(fignum,'Type','axes');
please add:
if isempty(ax), ax = axes(); end
this is necessary in R2018 as a new figure no longer starts with an axis.

Really usefull!
Since I use errorbar & line, I had to change line #117:
dataline = findobj(i,{'Type','errorbar','-or','Type','line'});


I've had to add the following at line #151:

% z axis label

Michael Völker


very usefull!

Aurelien Queffurust

It would be great to add a reset option to retrieve the original font sizes , marker sizes ...

M. A. Hopcroft

I agree the legend box should be opaque; that has been fixed. Thanks for the feedback.

Sumedh Joshi

this is a great submission and I use it constantly.

one complaint. When I have a legend and I apply fixfig, it makes the legend box transparent. If there gridlines on my plot, then you see these through the legend box which interferes with the text in the legend box. I have to manually reset the color to white each time.

other than that, this is great.

M. A. Hopcroft

Good point about the typo at line 96 ('mkr'). This is fixed in the latest version. Thanks for the feedback.


Works as advertised. A useful submission.

However, I believe line 96 should be changed from:
if ~strcmp('mkr','none')
if ~strcmp(mkr,'none')

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2014b
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

Inspired: SpectralTrainFig

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