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Combined DNA Index System: a GUI tool for forensic paternity lawsuit

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Updated 19 Nov 2013

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This GUI is a tool to compute the Paternity Index in a lawsuit for paternity attribution or exclusion. It is possible to use the Applied Biosystems, Promega or Biotype forensic kits. The GUI can be use in presence or in absence of the mother's data. If the alleged father is not available (in case of death) it is possible to setup the procedure using a father's relative. The GUI also has a module for incest lawsuit. Data can be saved and reloaded. Moreover there are several demo and info of the used STRs.
Before to compute PI, the GUI checks if "mater certa est" and if Mother and Child samples were swapped.
Now it computes also reverse parentage: this is the case to adopt in case of kidnapping or suspect baby exchange into the nursery

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Giuseppe Cardillo

If you want a flowchart explaining how the code works, it is long as a book and anyway the code is heavly commented so you can look at it.

If you want a flowchart explaining how using GUI, I'm surprised because it is very intuitive for Forensic Genetist and there are several demos.
1) choose the population by popupmenu
2) choose the used kit by popupmenu
3) In the option menu, eventually, choose if it is an incestuous relationship or not; direct or reverse parentage (the last if you are not sure that mother is the mother)
4) choose persecutor and defense hypothesis by their popupmenu
5) insert the alleles
6) push on compute button
7) push on report (if you want) and you will find it into REPORT subdirectory into CODIS

That's all



would you please provide the functionality flowchart for this code.

Giuseppe Cardillo

simply do this:
1) in Matlab enter into the directory where you installed CODIS (use the window into the left side)
2) type "CODISpwd=pwd; save CODISpwd.mat CODISpwd; clear CODISpwd"
3) that'all. Anyway I will modify the software.



I find your app very interesting. I downloaded it but when running it I get some errors. It seems that some files are missing.
"load CODISpwd.mat CODISpwd

Can you provide these files?
Thank you!

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