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Phase-based Optical Flow

version (720 KB) by Temu Gautama
Phase-based estimation of the optical flow field.


Updated 27 Jul 2004

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The code implements the optical flow algorithm described in Gautama, T. and Van Hulle, M.M. (2002). A Phase-based Approach to the Estimation of the Optical Flow Field Using Spatial Filtering,IEEE Trans. Neural Networks, 13(5), 1127--1136.

The algo proceeds in 3 steps
1. spatial filtering
2. phase gradient estimation
3. IOC using recurrent networks

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jc lu

I am a new to matlab.
(1):What is the use of 'yosemite/correct_yosemite256'file ?And, how to creat a file like it using the other video sequences.?

(2)I don't understand this code :[Cx, Cy] = read_flow ('yosemite/correct_yosemite256');



This a good piece of code.. As a part of my thesis,I have to find out the flow vectors for any 2 consecutive frames in a video sequence using phase based approach which is exactly similar to your work.How can i read the .bmp or .jpeg files?





How can I use this on .bmp or .jpg files instead of default files?

How can I use this on Bitmaps (.bmp) instead of .ras Files??

du bingxin

Really do a good job, thank you very much

It seems to be interesting, but I can't figure out how to open *.tar files on a Windows PC. Is there a ZIP file?

?? ??

Dakshina Ranjan Kisku

The entire code contains good features of optical flow.

naja jana

that is good

hsu we

Eiffel Zhang

thank you very much

mareo gonzales

many thanks for cooperation
best regards

wu rong

I will make good use of it

chu yong

moh tol

abdellah rahib

James S.

George Poropat

RAHIB Abdellah

Umut Deniz

sherif el-etriby


Update of the algorithm itself: rather than using the goal programming network for solving the intersection-of-constraints, it now finds the solution analytically. Should have done this in the first place, but ah well ...

I have added a precompiled mex version for windows

I have included a non-mex version, since the mex file didn't seem to yield correct results on a windows platform.

added a bug report in the README file

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