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Reading mini-Seed

version (2.39 MB) by Ljupco Jordanovski
m-files for reading mini-Seed files with STEIN-1 or STEIN-2 compression protocol.


Updated 09 Jun 2009

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There are two of them. One is reading mini-Seed file with STEIN-1 compression while second with STEIN-2. I guess that somebody badly needs pure m-script (no mex-file, no libseed library etc.) so he/she can easily modified. I am quite sure that m-script is far from complete but it works for my needs. Extracting seismic data and other minimal-list needed information. Just to mention this script is written for reading Seismic Handler mini-seed but it reads other generated mini-seed. I hope. I am using Matlab 7.0
So help yourself.

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Shaoqing li

François Beauducel

It is a very useful effort that you made with these functions, and I was very surprised there is no other attempts on the Web about this...

Unfortunately, I didn't get success in using your function with my miniSEED files... I spent some time to look at your scripts, but finally wrote my own function "rdmseed.m" (submitted this day to Matlab Central). My code is totally rewritten (especially STEIM decoding), also because I needed to access all block headers of individual records; but somehow my function is partly inspired from your code. Thanks for that, and of course I added you in my acknowledgments.


There are a couple of issues in the minSeedST1 file which I am currently finidng solutions to.

The first (major) errror is the Byte_convert_to_32 sub function. It reverses the order of all 4 bytes of uint8 before converting to two int16. In fact it should swap pairs of bytes. Line 307 should read:

numberArray = [number8(2) number8(1) number8(4) number8(3)];

for the swith n case 2.

The second problem I do not yet have a solution for is the incorrect initial value produced.

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