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Variable Order Derivatives

version (139 KB) by Duarte Valério
Functions for implementing fractional or complex order derivatives, when the order changes with time


Updated 10 May 2010

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These functions calculate fractional or complex order derivatives, when the order changes with time. Riemann-Liouville, Caputo and Grünwald-Letnikoff definitions are provided; the three variations considered by Lorenzo and Hartley are considered. Fuzzy supervised implementations in Simulink, based upon Oustaloup's Crone approximations, are also provided.

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zephyr Lee

problem occured when using constant alpha(t)=1 in vod1RL ,solved by skipping the integration part and going straight to differentiation.
please consider updating this valuable file.

thanks for sharing

I can not use vodRL and here is the error message: Index exceeds matrix dimensions.


Files for variable order, linear phase Crone approximations have been added.

1) A nasty bug affecting variable complex order derivatives was fixed. 2) C^\infty interpolation of zeros and poles now uses exact Crone formulas only.

Required function gamma.m (from now included.

Simulink files for complex orders now provided.

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Inspired by: Gamma