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Extracts a subarray from an array. Useful for function outputs.


Updated 1 Aug 2011

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extracting a subarray from an array is simple:

a = 1:10;
a(4:8) %returns elements 4-8.

but sometimes, I have a function that returns an array, but I only want a subset of that array:

a = foo(x,y,z);
b = a(2,9:end);

Here 'a' is a temporary variable, polluting my workspace. Hence subarray:

b = subarray(foo(x,y,z),2,'9:end');

SUBARRAY should handle all the normal indexing cases (output of FIND, ranges, unspecified dimensions) just like the first example. The only exception is the 'end' keyword, where we have to pass in a string and EVAL it.

I tip my hat to Garret Euler of SUBMAT and SUBMAT_NOEVAL.

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