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Character Recognition Example (V):Training a Simple NN for classification

version (693 KB) by Jalal Alowibdi
Recognize the arabic and english number system


Updated 18 Jun 2009

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to run it:

you will need first to run the file that name "charGUI4.fig" and on the right side there is a load training set where you have to train the system first, run any data that is should be from 1 to 9 and 0 like ( 1 2 3 4 5 5 6 7 8 9 0) as many line as you want so if you have a traning data that is 10 columns by 5 lines then you have to assign that to the small boxes that name column and line. right now keep the #words as is because I plan to use it but I change my mind so that it is automatically count the word for you.

after you train the system then load any image test, from the "Load Image" once you upload the image then choose the "select" and then go to the uploaded image and select whatever you want to recognize, after that select "crop" to crop the exact part that you want to recognize after that selcet "Features Extraction" to extract the features after that choose the "recognize" to see the results up on the result box.

P.S. keep in mind that the program has been tested on the english, arabic, farsi, hindi numbers. and try to test it on other language number by doing the test training and test sample to see if it is workable or not and I'm sure that it is going to work.
Future work: to make it recognize the Letters.

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Jalal Alowibdi (2021). Character Recognition Example (V):Training a Simple NN for classification (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (16)

Duc Hoang


Too many errors, not works at all!

pankaj Durve

when i run this projects some Errors are come,how to solve that error?
following errors are come.

pankaj Durve

how to run this project?please help me


can nyone here plz tell me logic behind the project...wht feature extraction algo has been followe nd hw...nd wht the mean of training data...can i use my own data for recogizing ...plz rpl asap

Mr Smart

altaf mulani

I would like to work on Arabic character recognition. I m a beginner, so from where i can start

conrad Connors

Hi, I make on handwritten recognition project in my University, but I totally beginner...I use moments plus NN ...I need you help please... My email is Thx



im new with neural network and matlab....

in your program..where actually u implemant neural network technique in your coding??

BinhMinh Nguyen

In the file edu_imgresize.m, there are a sentence: lett=((100-lett)/100); I don't know why we need the sentence, I think it just an inverse (80 will becom 0,2 and 20 will become 0.8), please give me an instruction, thank you very much!

Jalal Alowibdi

Actually, I have not tried it at Version 7.0. sorry.

gunjan singla

helllo sir,
i m using the version matlab 7.0.nd wen i run this,there was error open(fn).can this run on my version.plz help me soon

Jalal Alowibdi

Hello Christine,
what type of error and what load button are you refer to.

because it works perfectly with me with no error except if I don't follow the read me file.
Good Luck


I am using Matlab 7.6.0 (R2008a) to run your program but it gets error when I click the Load button.

Jalal Alowibdi

Hi Sabri,
What version do you have because I used matlab 7.6.0 (R2008a) and it is work perfectly with no error. also, if you have training data dont forget to mention the column and line number of the training at the boxes down left.
Good Luck

Passant Sabri

when i run charGUI4 i got error
at guideFunc line 96
ant guide can't be initialize
can u inform me what will be the solution

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