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Kinematics Toolbox

version (10.2 MB) by Brad Kratochvil
The kinematics toolbox is intended for prototyping robotics and computer vision related tasks.


Updated 15 Jul 2009

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Much of this library was written as I was learning how to use twists for rigid-body computer vision applications as opposed to traditional robotics (e.g. DH parameters and quaternions). My hope is that they are useful for others doing the same. The toolbox is broken up into functions that deal primarily with homogeneous transforms and their Lie algebra, and a set of functions for interacting with serial link kinematic structures. There are also quite a few functions for generating nice plots and animations of the results. Included is an html documentation page that lists all the functions and each function provides its own documentation.

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Very good and useful library though!!

When creating a twist matrix exponential with "twistexp" it tells me that the variable "w" is unknown in the command code. In fact "w" is not declared inside the "for" loop at the end of the function. How to fix this?

Romeo Staub

I receive the following error when running the file test_screw.m with matlab R2016a:

Error using figure
Invalid convenience arg handle

Error in named_figure (line 30)
h = figure(g_figure_list{i}.handle);

Error in test_screws (line 206)

Any help, suggestions on how to debug it?

Sapto Wibowo

Well documented, useful, thank you!

Very useful, thank you!

Very useful and well documented, thank you!

arun s

arun s (view profile)


Amin Mohammed

Good job, it saved me a lot of time, Thanks

JK Hwang

I have a question. How can I transform the twist coordinates to the homogeneous transforms without theta? The theta is unknown, so it must be estimated only using the twist(6 DOF). Is it possible?

nice work, thanks


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