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Get and set the times for creation, access and modification of a file or folder (Windows only)


Updated 29 Jun 2011

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These MEX-functions get and set the creation, access and write times of a file under Windows.

SetFileTime(FileName, Spec, DateVector, Type)
FileName: File or folder name, absolute or relative path.
Unicode names and UNC paths are accepted.
Spec: String, 'Creation', 'Access', 'Write'.
DateVector: [1 x 6] double vector (see DATEVEC) or UINT64.
Type: Optional, conversion method from local to UTC time.

Time = GetFileTime(FileName, Type, OutType)
FileName: File or folder name, absolute or relative path.
Type: Optional, conversion method from UTC to local time.
OutType: Optional, all three times as struct or a single time.
Time: Struct with fields 'Creation', 'Access', 'Write' or
one time, [1x6] DATEVEC or UINT64 format.

The Local<->UTC conversion needs Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 or higher. The LCC 2.4 compiler shipped with Matlab does not know the "new" time function.

Precompiled mex files can be downloaded at:

Tested: Matlab 6.5/2009a, WinXP, 32 bit, OWC1.8, BCC5.5, LCC 3.8, MSVC 2008
Compatibility to 64 bit Windows is assumed.

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Compatible with any release
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