SDF - Set the Figure

Set the line width and fonts of a figure, as if using the File->Export setup in the figure menu
Updated 23 Jul 2009

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The function is aimed at fast setting the figure fonts and line sizes to a comfortable viewing and exporting and is best suited to plots whose result is difficult to adjust (for example the step, impulse and bode plots of the control toolbox, to name a few).
The function is useful during lectures or tutorials when the figure size has to be easily adjusted for better viewing.
The name of the function is partially chosen so, that it can be promptly typed on QWERTY keyboard (where "s", "d" and "f" are adjacent letters).
The function help follows:

SDF Set the line width and fonts of a figure


where fig is the figure number. If the figure number is omitted, the currently active figure is updated. Edit the file to set you own style settings.

sdf(fig, 'stylename')
applies a pre-configured style from the File-->Export Setup menu of the figure's window. The stylename should be one of the 'Export Styles' section of the dialog.

The function allows applying the same settings as through the File-->Export Setup-->Apply menu of the figure, but much faster and without the annoying clicking.

figure(1); t=0:0.1:10; plot(t, sin(t));

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Andrey Popov (2024). SDF - Set the Figure (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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