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Simulink Library for Robotics Applications

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This library implements simulink S-functions to be used under RTAI Linux for real time execution.



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This library has been developed as part of research at the Spacecraft Robotics Laboratory at the Naval Postgraduate School. The laboratory's director is Professor Marcello Romano. The laboratory's manager is Dr. Riccardo Bevilacqua. LCDR Jason Hall worked on the library during his Doctoral studies at NPS. Mr. Jim Horning worked as part of the team for the software development.
The following is implemented:
UDP communication, drivers for the Diamond IR-104-PBF relay board, KVH DSP3000 fiber optic gyro, MSMX104+ serial ports board, PNI MicroMag-3Axis, Ocean Server EK-05 battery controller, Metris iGPS indoor positioning system, Embedded Design Firewire board, Image acquisition and processing for Firefly MV pointgrey camera.

For more details:
Bevilacqua, R., Hall, J., Horning, J., Romano, M, “Ad-hoc wireless networking and shared
computation based upon linux for autonomous multi-robot systems”, AIAA Journal of Aerospace
Computing, Information, and Communication, 1542-9423 vol.6 no.5 (328-353) (2009).

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removed references to GNU license. Substituted with BDS license.

removed mex files, they need to be generated by each user for his/her platform

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