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Read DTED elevation data

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Read binary DTED files ( .dt0, dt1, dt2) to matrix


Updated 19 Nov 2009

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If you don't have mapping toolbox and still want to read binary DTED files, then try:

[map latgrid longrid] = mapreader2;

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tung (2020). Read DTED elevation data (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Kemal Oksuz

Works, thanks!

I modified it so that the figure drawing happens outside of the function (as when you only want to read a DTED file in your project and not draw everything).

Thanks anyway!

Works fine! I had to replace unrealistic values by following below line 154:

map(map==65535) = NaN;


Very useful!

Does not seem to correctly handle when latitude or longitude is negative. i.e. West and South hemispheres.
Using the variable c assigned on line 138, c(12) designates longitude hemisphere as 'E' or 'W' and c(20) latitude hemisphere as 'N' or 'S'.

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Inspired: dted_read, DTED - EGM96 load/display v1.0