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Bouncing Ball with Damping and Temperature Visualization

version (62.2 KB) by Simulink Dude
Extension of the bouncing ball demo for the getting started series demos.


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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In this demo, we show how you can model the damping and energy loss of a bouncing ball by modifying the contact equations. We compute the cumulative energy loss to the floor as a function of time and use resetting of the integrator to compute the bursts of energy transferred to the floor after each bounce. We then use a simplified heat equation with special conditions to model the temperature rise of the floor. We also show how you can create your own color dynamics of the visualization by changing from a cold color(blue) to a warm color(red).
Note that Simulink 3D Animation was formerly called as Virtual Reality Toolbox.

The Getting Started videos of which this demo is an extension are available here:

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