Visualize dynamic system behavior in a virtual reality environment

Simulink 3D Animation™ provides apps for linking Simulink® models and MATLAB® algorithms to 3D graphics objects. Objects can be represented in the standard 3D modeling languages X3D and VRML97. You can animate a 3D world by changing position, rotation, scale, and other object properties during desktop or real-time simulation. You can also sense collisions and other events in the virtual world and feed them back into your MATLAB and Simulink algorithms. Video from virtual cameras can be streamed to Simulink for processing.

Simulink 3D Animation includes editors and viewers for rendering and interacting with virtual scenes. With the 3D World Editor, you can import CAD and URDF file formats as well as author detailed scenes assembled from 3D objects. The 3D world can be viewed immersively using stereoscopic vision. You can incorporate multiple 3D scene views inside MATLAB figures, and interact with the virtual world using a force-feedback joystick, space mouse, or other hardware device.


Authoring 3D Worlds

Use the 3D World Editor for authoring and importing virtual reality worlds.

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Viewing 3D Worlds

View, zoom, pan, and move in your virtual worlds, including in stereoscopic vision.

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Interacting with 3D Worlds

Use bidirectional MATLAB and Simulink interfaces to 3D worlds.

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Detecting Collisions from 3D Worlds

Sense collisions between 3D objects to use them as inputs to your MATLAB and Simulink algorithms.

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Recording and Sharing Animations

Record scene data and share your work with others.

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Visualizing Real-Time Simulations

Visualize real-time simulations and connect with input hardware.

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