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Convert to and from US state plane coordinates


Updated 21 Jan 2010

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SP_PROJ converts between geographic (latitude and longitude) and US state plane coordinates. SP_PROJ can perform both forward (from geographic to state plane) and inverse transformations (from state plane to geographic). All US state plane zones are included except for Alaska. Calculations assume the NAD83 datum and GRS1980 spheriod.

Mapping toolbox is required. SP_PROJ creates the map structure for the specified US state plane zone and passes it to either PROJFWD and PROJINV to perform the coordinate transformations.


%geographic data
lat = 37.45569;
lon = -122.17009;

% Calculate the x,y, coordinates in survey feet
% in the 'California 1' state plane zone.

[xsp,ysp] = sp_proj('california 1','forward',lon,lat,'sf')

% Re-calculate the geographic coordinates
% also output the map structure as optional 3rd output

[lon1,lat1,mstruct] = sp_proj('california 1','inverse',xsp,ysp,'sf')

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Yea, this isn't correct. the x values are right, but the y values are off.

The best!

Ron Abileah

Went from download to installed in matlab in under 1 minute. Correct result on first try. Thank you very much for sharing.

Brett Baker

Seems to work as advertised-thank you!


fixed output order for inverse calculation

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Inspired by: deg2utm