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Simulink Model String Replacement

version (2.14 KB) by Will Campbell
replace a string in Simulink object names with another


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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mdl_strrep is a utility to identify blocks and other Simulink components that contain a particular string in their name.
MDL_STRREP(OBJECT,S1,S2) replaces all occurrences of the string S1 in the name of a Simulink object and its children with the string S2. This enables the user to remove undesired characters in bulk or replace phrases when the model is used in a different context.

MDL_STRREP(OBJECTS,S1,S2) replaces all occurrences of the string S1 in the name of all Simulink objects defined in a cell array. The function will not include any children of the objects defined. This enables the user to fully specify the objects they wish to manipulate.

mdl_strrep(bdroot,' ','_')
replaces spaces in all blocks of current model with an underscore

cr = sprintf('\n');
removes any carriage returns in current block's name and any of its components if it's a subsystem

myblocks = find_system(bdroot,'BlockType','Scope');
finds all Scopes in the model and replaces the phrase "Scope" with "Probe"

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