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Piano notes recognition research

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try to define notes from its sound

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See research.docx for explanations of method used.

The task is to find algorithm where you can get sound from microphone of piano and the algorithm must recognize it and print it in textbox.

Reached result:
1 note: 93% of right answers
2 notes simultaneously : 61% of right answers
3 notes simultaneously : 31% of right answers
4 notes simultaneously : 13% of right answers

There are 88 wav files inside with piano notes sounds recorded.

Here is animated spectrum video:

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miao miao

great work!

Chong Soless

great work!

first run cov_matrix_minimax_perpendicular.m to wind weights w. Then sound_test_test.m to find percentage of right answers. nsn - number of simultanoise notes can be changed.

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