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version 1.1 (3.31 KB) by Malcolm McLean
UI control to get a scalar from the user, with convenient mouse control.

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Updated 29 Nov 2014

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GUI control to allow user to input a scalar. The callback is called continuously as the user steps the spinner. For example if the value was contrast in an image-processing application, the image could update as the user presses on the control.

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Malcolm McLean (2019). uispinner (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Malcom, Thanks a lot for your function. I have a question: do you know if there is a possibility to set a uitable cell as a uispinner?

This one just uses documented Matlab features. Which throws up lots of issues - the code doesn't work exactly as I would have wanted it to, and there seems to be no way of making it do so.

Uicomponent may be a better solution for many people. I didn't find it when I did a search for "spinner" before uploading this file.

Yair Altman

Take a look at uicomponent for a built-in support of a uispinner control (and many others), with native get()/set() functionaliy:

Yair Altman




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