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Property sheet

version (51.3 KB) by Levente Hunyadi
A graphical user control that mimics MatLab's property inspector.


Updated 26 Feb 2010

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A property sheet (or property grid) lists public properties of a MatLab value or handle object, and lets the user edit each property value using its natural representation. In particular,
* character arrays can be edited in-place as a string;
* matrices and vectors can be edited as text (e.g. [1,2;3,4]) or in a pop-up dialog;
* scalar logicals are mapped to checkboxes;
* a selection from a set of values is presented as a list;
* nested properties (when a property value is itself an object) are displayed as an expandable property.


The control internally uses a custom Java Swing control, wrapped in a Java package JPropertySheet.jar. This package has to be downloaded separately (see below), extracted into a subfolder called java, and added to the Java class path for the control to work. Type javastartup to add the package to the dynamic Java class path. Further instructions (to achieve higher performance) will be printed on the screen. For details, see the MatLab function javaclasspath.


The file example_propertysheet.m contains a basic example. Sample code for low-level function usage is found in example_jpropertysheet.m.


This component is provided in the hope that it will be useful, but no claims are made as to the fitness for any purpose. In particular, the component has not been tested in a production environment and may exhibit unexpected behavior. No support is provided but you are welcome to submit bug reports directly to the author; comments made at the MathWorks File Exchange site might be ignored.

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未定义变量 "com" 或类 "com.l2fprod.common.propertysheet.PropertySheetPanel"。

Yair Altman

You have apparently invested a considerable amount of time in preparing a very well crafted property browser. It can certainly be used by users interested in learning the Matlab-Java interface.

Unfortunately, I see no real benefit in using this utility/collection, as opposed to using the standard JIDE-based property inspector table, which is bundled with Matlab and seamlessly integrates with Matlab. Examples of using the JIDE-based inspector can be found in the FINDJOBJ ( ) and UIINSPECT ( ) utilities.

I would be happy if you could enlighten us as to the differences/benefits between your utility vs. the built-in inspector table.

Licensing conflicts prevent me from including the jar file in the distribution hosted at File Exchange. (The Java source has a permissive license but is not identical to the BSD MathWorks expects to be used for all submitted files.) You can grab the jar file (as well as the complete Java source) at

Yair Altman

You forgot to attach the JAR file!


Simplified example and installation instructions.

Simplified example and installation instructions.

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Created with R2008a
Compatible with any release
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