Load Labview Binary Data

labviewload.m loads in binary data files output by Labview.


Updated 6 May 2010

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This script loads Labview binary data files into Matlab. I only tested double precision and boolean data files but I'm sure it'll work on any other numeric type given the appropriate precision input into the labviewload.m script. I tested it up to a three dimensional double array but there is no limitation in the code which limits it to only three dimensions.

It can load data files which have been repeatedly written to as long as each array is the same size. It's an extremely simple script (46 lines minus the help info) so it's easy to modify for more complex Labview binary files.

Example usage:
D = labviewload('BinaryData.bin',3); % Load a binary file consisting of a three dimensional double array

D = labviewload('BooleanData.bin',1,'int8'); % Load a binary file consisting of a one dimensional boolean array

Keep in mind that the second input is the NUMBER of dimensions of the array within the binary file and not the actual dimensions.

It outputs a cell array of arrays. For one and two dimensional arrays you can simply use cell2mat to convert it into an even more convenient format.

Tested on Matlab R2007a and Labview 8.2.

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Jeremy Smith (2023). Load Labview Binary Data (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/27195-load-labview-binary-data), MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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