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Shade Anomaly

version (2.43 KB) by Alec
The fills in graphs above and below the x-axis different colors.


Updated 14 Apr 2010

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Shade Anomaly fills in graphs above and below the x-axis different colors. It allows you to create offsets, so that values above a certain threshold are shaded. This is good to use if you would like shade values above a standard deviation.

There is an example in the script if you do not enter any inputs.

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Amore Fu

Dear Alec, the function is great. However, I want to ask that how can we shade the parts, whose centre is not zero? for example, the area bigger than 10 and smaller the 3.Thanks !



Dear Alec, the function is great. However, I have a little problem and I don't know why.
When I make my shaded_anomaly graph, the graph doesn't show shaded all values above offset. Somebody have detected the same problem?

Hey Alec,

How can one modify this file to plot bars and shade the bars instead of area plots?



Great work, and it's exactly what I was looking for! Thank you



The function requires the use of a function called hline. You can download it from the file exchange or you can comment out that line. It is for appearance only. A new version will include those changes in the near future.


The function does not deal well with NaNs (it will not shade). One can add the following simple lines just above the TOP section to remove NaNs.


Added the requirement of a function called within the shade_anomaly function.

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Inspired: xcorr3, EOF, anomaly, fill_between