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Sparse null space and orthogonal

version (2.38 KB) by Bruno Luong
NULL space and ORTHOGONAL basis for sparse matrix


Updated 10 May 2010

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Two simple functions that compute the NULL space and ORTHOGONAL basis of a sparse matrix using QR decomposition with row permutation.

For FULL matrices, Matlab stock functions NULL and ORTH use SVD decomposition, which is not available for SPARSE matrix.

Since Matlab 2009B (?), QR decomposition is available for sparse matrices, which can be used to estimate the orthogonal basis without converting matrix in FULL.

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Jan Valdman

It works perfect in Matlab, can you possibly update to work in Octave too? I will get the error message

error: element number 3 undefined in return list

in the command [Q R E] = qr(S); %#ok %full QR

Best, Jan

Kamal El Amraoui


Ryan Luong


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Created with R2010a
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

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